The 2018
Coalition Report

Ahead of HLPF 2018, Coalition 2030 has identifed several key issues that warrant particular attention with regard to Ireland’s implementation of the SDGs.
This report is not intended to cover every target and indicator. Rather it reflects the insights and assessments of Coalition 2030 members, working on many of the critical elements of this Agenda 2030.

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The first section of the 2018 Coalition 2030 Report sets out some of the most pressing issues with regard to Ireland’s SDG performance from the standpoint of Coalition 2030.

Chief among these are the weaknesses in Ireland’s recently-published National Implementation Plan; its poor performance in meeting commitments on overseas development aid (ODA); its continuing facilitation of international tax abuse; and extremely worrying trends in greenhouse gas emissions.

Following this, individual sections on each of the 17 SDGs analyse Ireland’s performance to date. Each of these chapters sets out existing policy commitments corresponding to the Goal in question, along with recent
trends in relevant targets and indicators, before providing a set of actionable recommendations that, if implemented, would serve to ensure achievement.

Many of the sections also include separate textboxes on international issues where Ireland’s engagement through its bilateral relations and the institutions of international governance may be serving to signifcantly support or impede progress towards the SDGs in other countries.

See also the Online Collation of Ireland’s Compendium of Stakeholder Inputs

Ireland is submitting its first Voluntary National Review (VNR) report to the UN High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on the 17th July 2018. The Irish SDG National Implementation Plan 2018 -2020 commits Government to consult with national stakeholders in the preparation of Ireland's VNR. As part of this commitment, Ireland has undertaken to forward a Compendium of national stakeholder observations directly to the UN HLPF for inclusion on the Forum's official website. In providing contributions, stakeholders were encouraged to consider and respond to the following three questions:
What are you/your organisation/your sector doing to support achieving the SDGs?
What are your/your organisations key observations related to Ireland's SDG implementation?
What would you/your organisation suggest Ireland do to further enhance SDG implementation?